Our Customers

We select on simple criteria: great taste, reliable/sustainable source and cooking performance. Our range of food is selected to reflect two major demands of our customers. Firstly, at the culinary edge, we source based on outstanding taste, sustainability and provenance. We work with a range of food pioneers to offer you best value for money. Secondly, we recognise that not all recipes or establishments want, or need, the ‘best in the world’ and so we offer a wide range of more broadly appealing, cost sensitive foods.

Our dedicated team of drivers deliver to customers in our own multi-temperature trucks to ensure that your order always arrives in perfect condition.

Customer Sectors


We supply the finest of ingredients to help compile appealing menus in restaurants which can range from fine dining, mainstream to gastropubs. We continuously work with restaurants in order to support the chefs' visions by supplying highest quality of produce and service.


In the hotel industry we supply a large array of customers. All hotels which are supplied by Odaios Foods are assured that their guests will experience the highest standard which will assist in their overall customer satisfaction.


We help our customers stay ahead of trends and meet their needs efficiently. It is our commitment to our customer that helps contribute to their success.

Contract Catering

At Odaios Foods, we understand the importance of providing the highest quality of ingredients for your dishes. We work closely with our customers to identify their needs and provide solutions with our produce.

Artisan Producers

We understand the labour and love that is embodied in our artisan customers produce, with these producers ranging from bakeries, patisseries, chocolatiers, dairy and meal makers. We help artisan producers meet and exceed their customers' expectations in every way.

Fine Foods Retailers

We help to bring products to find foods retailers that will set them apart. We have worked hard to source the best products which we pass on to our excellent speciality retailers. We support independent stores, specialist shops, farmers markets and department stores.