Roundstone Bakehouse

Roundstone Bakehouse is a pioneering Irish bakery respecting the traditions of our ancient past to create great Irish bread.

Ireland has always been connected, never isolated. We are explorers, adventurers, seekers of knowledge. We live on the edge of Europe but at the centre of creative thinking.

We are part of an outlooking Atlantic maritime community. Sharing our food, our culture and our ancient wisdom, handed down from generation to generation. We are contributing to shaping the future of food for today and tomorrow’s discerning consumers.

We take our inspiration from the depth of knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors, from those who pioneered the cultivation of grains and the production of bread. We look to the root, to the source, as our guide.

From the very beginnings of cereal production in the Levant region 10,000 years ago, to the gradual spread of grain to our Irish Shores 4,000 years later, we have searched out, and perfected, the milling of our ancestral ancient grains: einkorn, emmer, spelt, rye, khorasan, barley...

These are the grains that triggered food surplus and civilisation as we know it.

We have been baking bread in Ireland since at least the Bronze Age, the cereal cultivation ridges still visible under the bogs of Belderrig in North Mayo. Roundstone Bakehouse is a celebration of this ancient tradition.

A tradition expressed in the taste, texture, nutrition and sustainability of our Bread. Stoneground flour, stone oven, our unique sour dough culture. Bread as it should be.


Since 1922 the vocation of Valrhona has been to create exceptional chocolate, while respecting the artisan’s know-how and fine French taste.

Dedicated to quality, Valrhona controls each step in the Grand Chocolat process- from the selection of the finest cocoa beans directly on their plantations, from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, to the painstaking combination of beans and final manufacturing in the traditional way.

Valrhona is a certified B Corporation. The assessment system B Corp offers serves as a guide as they work to make their business better for the world around us. 

By buying Valrhona, you choose a responsible chocolate that is 100% traceable and sourced directly from 10,262 producers who Valrhona supports in adopting good social and environmental practices. You also choose a company that has been partnering the food sector and supporting chefs for almost 100 years.

But Valrhona is, above all else, the story of its people. Beyond their status as a chocolate company, their strength lies in the ties they forge between producers, employees and customers. These ties, which they continue to reinforce every single day, help cocoa producers improve their livelihoods and enable customers to unleash their creativity in an ever-more sustainable way.
Let’s act now for the responsible gastronomy of tomorrow!

Wandering Star

Wandering star is a new brand of heavenly baked treats, inspired by our Irish-American Atlantic cultural heritage.

Our range of bakery treats has been carefully crafted using genuinely great ingredients, to give a fuller cleaner taste that truly stands out.

Our foods are made with the modern nomad in mind. People with busy and active lives, looking for a treat that is a perfect balance between being both nourishing and utterly delicious at the same time.

Wandering star - “If you are going to shine, shine brightly”

Portal Dairy Co.

Gateway to the very best of Irish cheese and dairy.

The megalithic Portal monuments that lie majestically across our ancient landscape were built by Ireland’s earliest dairy farmers around 6,000 years ago. These farmers formed part of a much wider Atlantic maritime tradition of farming with our neighbouring countries. Their monuments acted as portals between worlds.

These first farmers who voyaged to Ireland quickly recognized the value of the incredible milk their cows were producing from the island’s lush green grass. It was these farmers who created one of the world’s oldest butter and cheese making traditions, so that they could capture this delicious, nutrient-dense food for the entire year. The archaeological evidence for these early dairy fats are found as trace elements in the Neolithic Pottery remains of the Céide Fields in North Mayo.


Since Bridor’s creation by Louis Le Duff in 1988, Bridor’s teams have been driven by a passion for baking.

Bread is central to life, all over the world.

It is part of our cultural heritage and each country has its own lively bakery culture that gets passed down from generation to generation. Between traditional and modern techniques, both local and global, recipes intersect and are reinvented to align with what consumers want.

Supporting and sharing bakery cultures worldwide. Bridor are inspired to create exceptional products through the extraordinary expertise of bakers and chefs from around the globe. Their breads and viennoiseries are characterful, delicious, from natural sources and stay true to their origins.

From the very beginning, Bridor has been driven by a passion for bakery: Imagining and producing new recipes by showcasing a diversity of flavours, Ensuring excellence in their ingredients and supply chains, Combining large scale manufacturing strength with the virtuosity of bakery expertise, Defending quality and taste without compromise, Putting women and men at the heart of their efforts to create a more responsible approach… That’s Bridor’s mission.

Together, we share bakery’s best talents and cultures, bringing to every table the finest bakery products in over more than 100 countries all around the world.

Château Blanc

The French industrial artisan of premium baked goods, pastries and viennoiseries.

More than 50 years ago, Francis Holder founded the brand Moulin Bleu, now known as Château Blanc. The first French castle to appear in the world of baked goods, pastries, viennoiseries and catering, Château Blanc is fundamentally based on the desire to create high-quality breads. In this castle, today’s technologies are used to carry forth the artisanal baking techniques of the purest French tradition.

Because the quality of the food we eat is now essential, Château Blanc wishes to share its taste for high-quality products and healthy eating habits. This is the daily objective of the men and women who work together every day for Château Blanc.

By bringing life back to ancient techniques, they offer excellence in baked goods, pastries, viennoiseries and French-style catering. They prepare their recipes with a priority on the taste and nutritional qualities of the products. They share their knowledge and expertise to meet the expectations of consumers seeking to combine pleasure, authenticity and healthy choices.

All About Kombucha

Fresh fermented sparkling tea brewed from wholesome organic ingredients, the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle.

This Galway artisan adventure is the passion project of Emmett Kerrigan and Keith Loftus.

All their kombucha is brewed & bottled on home soil. They have built their own brewery from the ground up. Creation is at the heart of what they do so it makes it all the sweeter knowing the production process inside out. They blend a variety of three teas and steep them until they get the desired flavour. Tea, water, sugar and time- Kombucha is as simple as that. They let the ancient art of fermentation transform the sweet tea into Kombucha. What’s left is a low calorie, low sugar and probiotic rich sparkling drink. 

They have recently started working with 1% for the planet, an initiative set up by the founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard. They donate 10% of all their profits to efforts to combat climate change. This is something they feel very strongly about as ‘Causing minimal harm’ is one of their values. This is also part of the reason they currently sponsor the likes of Patagonia’s instore events, Sustainable Fashion Dublin’s workshops and Sip n’ Swaps exhibitions. 


More flavour, More texture, Less sugar, Less fat.

Sosa Ingredients are made in Catalonia, in bases not far from Barcelona and in La Granadella, where they process nuts from the farms where they grow right through to the end product. Sosa’s reputation and unique technical knowledge mean that it now exports to more than 80 countries around the world.

The expansion and continuous improvement of the product lines, always giving the greatest importance to the innovation and the techniques of the gastronomic world. This is Sosa’s main objective.

With more than 50 years of experience, they are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality ingredients for gastronomy, pastries and ice-cream in the world.

It is a great satisfaction for Sosa to be able to develop all the specialized products that help to be more creative to pastry cooks and chefs around the world. Their products are always developed in accordance with the 4 pillars of modern cuisine: more flavour, less sugar, less fat and contrast of textures.


Norohy is an ethical sourcing company, a platform for linking up talent and a discoverer of inspired creations that showcases this outstanding ingredient, from its world-best terroirs to its most delicious culinary iterations.

Thanks to their commitments and fine selection of ingredients, Norohy can guarantee cooks, pastry chefs and restaurateurs ‘high quality, ethical vanilla beans, for a better vanilla industry.

It is on the islands of Madagascar and Tahiti that vanilla pods are harvested and processed. These terroirs have been carefully selected because they produce some of the best vanilla in the world. In their perfectly warm, humid climate, the vanilla plants grow and thrive to offer quality produce. Norohy relies on teaching, on-the-ground knowledge and certifications wherever, so they have a positive impact on the environment and the development of both local communities and their unique skills.


Chocolatree designs and manufactures ready-made and customisable chocolate decorations to offer the ultimate flair and flexibility for pastry chefs.

The decorations are made using Valrhona chocolate, the 80-strong range comprises an innovative collection of decorations and moulds, along with eye- catching stencils, transfers, blisters, sprays and cut-out décor. Their wealth of diverse designs and styles suit all tastes as they have a wide choice of ready-to-use and customisable décor that can add sophistication, pep and fun to your creations. They are made with 100% natural colours with no additives. The range also includes coloured cocoa butter, velvet sprays and much more.

Chocolatree's goal is to offer you the best products to elevate, animate and finish your most beautiful, sweet creations. Valrhona Selection Brands are constantly seeking new ways to meet your needs, we are excited to offer a range of decor developed exclusively with premium chocolate and pastry expertise, design, and values to add a luxurious touch to your creations.

Attentive to the know-how and requirements of pastry professionals, the heart of the Chocolatree business is designing and manufacturing ready-to-go chocolate decorations that enable pastry chefs to complete their creations in the most authentic and fun way. We’re excited for you to discover the ways that Chocolatree can benefit.



At Adamance they are a passionate team from Valrhona’s chocolate factory in Tain l’Hermitage, in the heart of the Rhone Valley’s rich fruit-growing country.

Each summer, the vibrant natural life in the orchards yields its finest treasure and fruit go in their hundreds to markets. When they journeyed deep into the world of fruit, they discovered suppliers with amazing flavours and skills, as well as some passionate people. Along the way Adamance also have also seen practices which don’t respect people or nature, supply chains which aren’t always open and honest, and a race for quantity over quality, leaving flavour by the wayside.

This is why Adamance was born, when they decided to act to protect fruits’ future and flavour over the long term – and the future of the people who work with them too. Adamance was created along with commitment to producers and with committed creators such as yourself.

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