About Us

Odaios Foods has been created to be a pioneering and efficient force in the foodservice and fine food retail markets.

As a supplier of choice, our aim is to raise the standard of food in Ireland and provide you with excellent customer service and distinctive produce from Ireland and around the world.

You operate in an unforgiving environment where the pressures of providing excellent customer experience and service define your daily lives. We understand that and have created an organisation to support your needs. Supporting the demands for culinary excellence is the central essence of Odaios Foods.

Our crew know what is required because they have been there themselves. Our priority is listening, anticipating and responding to your needs. Our range of foods develops constantly to reflect the demands and evolutions of your market.

We select on simple criteria: great taste, reliable and sustainable source and cooking performance. Our range of foods is selected to reflect two major demands of our customers. Firstly, at the culinary edge, we source based on outstanding taste, sustainability and provenance. We work with a range of food pioneers to offer you best value for money. Secondly, we recognise that not all recipes or establishments want, or need, the 'best in the world' and so we offer a wide range of more broadly appealing, cost sensitive foods.

We are proud to work in partnership with a select number of Ireland's great producers. As a company originating in Ireland, Odaios Foods is dedicated to marketing and developing these important products so that together we can bring the great taste of exceptional Irish food to discerning consumers.

Our dedicated team of drivers deliver to you in our own multi-temperate trucks to ensure that your order always arrives in perfect condition.

Odaios is an ancient Greek word which means "pathway" or "journey". In its plural it refers to goods gathered on a journey. While your culinary journey is unique to you, Odaios Foods is there to provide the inspiration, support and resources you will need along the way.

Odaios Foods - A journey in search of culinary excellence.

The Greatest Quality

Only the best produce

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Daily delivery service from Monday to Friday in Dublin, at least two deliveries per week in the rest of Ireland

20+ Years of Experience

Family-owned business since 2004